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Where to start?

Would you like to operate your business?

Would you like to create a restaurant / cafe / hotel but do not know where to start?

Is the service or the company did not achieve the desired goals by satisfying customers?

Do you feel the need for effective training?

How do you move your business to an advanced level?

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who are we:

An integrated team of professionals met to form PHS consultancy for the food and beverage sector. (Cafes, restaurants and hotels).

What distinguish us is that we are professional, fast, accurate, and continuous hardworking to all what the hospitality world requires.

PHS Services


Comprehensive development of the company’s line.

We work to develop a comprehensive process to achieve the objectives of profitability and put constructive strategies to achieve consistency and continuity in a different and competitive manner.We also recognize obstacles in work and find solutions as well as building the fundamentals of successful work and document the company to compete globally.

Preparation of external powers of attorney (Franchising)

We prepare the necessary to ensure that the external power of attorney is obtained and applied correctly and conform to the specifications and standards. We also communicate and ensure proper procedures of the external agency and its applicability in the local market according to the studies that we are working on to ensure success and achieve the desired objectives. We also ensure that operations are conducted before and after the opening.

Supervision of employment training

One of the most important elements of the success of the organization  is investment in employment and  we are supervising their training to implement the internal policy of the restaurant in the right way or to create a policy of competition and training them through professional trainers  that have more than 15 years of experience in the field.

Run restaurants and cafes from scratch

If you want to invest in building a restaurant / cafe / hotel, we build it for you from zero to the opening, based on an arc of necessary studies and hard work through the PHS specialist team for hospitality projects.

Supervising the development of the food menu

Do You have a special menu? What are the dishes that characterize your restaurant? Is your menu varied? Is your menu have an identity? Do you suffer from a complete stagnation of some dishes? Do you suffer from high menu costs? Many questions must be answered.Our team builds menus based on experience, cost, quality and excellence.

Supervision of interior design and implementation of projects

Did you know that the design of any business is a part and parcel of its identity? and it considers one of the most important elements of the stability of the identity of the organization. In order to achieve harmony with other elements of the establishment, we do not create a general design, but we create a distinct and specialized design which harmonized with the identity of the establishment.

Supervision of visual identity and marketing:

Our Multimedia team provides you with the supervision of your visual identity design, which contains all the necessary designs in the hospitality sector. As well as providing marketing services with effective plans for opening your restaurant or creative advertising campaigns.

Influencers/bloggers Business Management in Hospitality

A selection of celebrities and bloggers who subscribe to the PHS They provide promotional service through their social networking platforms, which, at your request, provide the unique coverage to promote and thus increase sales and appeal to your restaurants.

Audit and follow-up

There are policies that we apply to achieve continuity of all-important elements in the organization and through which to achieve the objectives we desired. Our competent team is competent ensures effective continuity through programs follow-up, auditing, reporting and implementation programs, in a confidential and effective manner.


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